Key Points From The FDA’s Cannabidiol And Gender-Related Conference

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The FDA sets CBD laws and regulations, but people often accuse it of not regulating the CBD market for quality and purity. Anyhow, it is worth noting that the US Food and Drug Administration has much on its plate right now, due partly to COVID-19. No new FDA-approved CBD products are likely to come out, but the substance is still on the federal agency’s radar. This is why it recently hosted a conference regarding cannabidiol and gender.

A lot of the information presented in it shows that there exist open questions regarding cannabidiol whose resolution can take time. Some of the biggest takeaways from it are already disclosed. Shared below is a list of those key points emerging from the conference that is related to the data that the federal agency looked at.

Customers Want CBD-Related Information From Doctors

Cannabidiol cannot give the high like THC, so it attracts several individuals and make them curious about it. Anyhow, there exists less stigma about hemp CBD’s use as compared to cannabis utilization. Almost every customer bothers about the absence of regulation that contributes to the introduction of both mislabelled and possibly dangerous items in the market. Almost every CBD product label recommends consulting with a doctor, but none of the professionals is trained or can advise people on the ways of using cannabidiol.

Patients wish to talk about CBD to doctors. Anyhow, mostly, the professionals discourage patients from using CBD as a treatment option, which causes the latter to be nervous regarding this.

Cannabidiol May Aid In Managing Anxiety

Many pieces of research have already shown that it is possibly useful in this regard. Anyhow, a conference participant revealed that it is more efficacious in reducing anxiety as compared to THC. This is a finding of a recent preliminary piece of research. In this study, the products derived from cannabis were tested on patients before they used cannabis and after it.

Another key point from the conference is that women often have more anxiety than men, plus they react in different ways to cannabis treatment.

Further Research Is Required

This is why government organizations are financing many projects centered around CBD, THC, and some other phytocannabinoids. The projects are to understand in what way the phytocannabinoids work when these are utilized together and in combination with traditional forms of medicine.