CBD Vaping Mistakes To Avoid

CBD Vaping Mistakes
CBD Vaping Mistakes
CBD Vaping Mistakes
CBD Vaping Mistakes

Vaping is a much-preferred CBD intake method because of its fast-acting relief. Unlike in the case of ingestible CBD products, you would not have to wait an hour or two for the CBD to kick in when you vape CBD.

In this article, we discuss the common mistakes that people make when vaping CBD.

Using CBD Oil For Vaping 

Using CBD oil for vaping is a grave mistake that you should never make simply because CBD oil is not designed for vaping. Although CBD oil is known for its versatility, it is never the right choice for vaping.

Using CBD Vape Oil Of The Wrong Concentration 

If the concentration of the CBD vape oil you chose is not perfect, your vaping experience will not be that satisfying. When you buy CBD vape oil, read the product label thoroughly to find how much CBD is contained in a milliliter of the oil. This is important to figure out your dosage and ensure that the vape oil has a good concentration.

Going For A High Dose The First Time Itself

As you cannot suggest one CBD dosage that works for all, we recommend starting with small CBD doses when vaping. Keep increasing the dosage gradually until you figure out the dosage that works best for you.

Several factors including body weight and metabolism influence the CBD dosage. We would suggest starting with 12 mg, 18 mg, and 22.5 milligrams respectively for people with body weights 150 pounds(and less), 151-240 pounds, and more than 240 pounds.

Not Allowing An Interval Between The Puffs

If beginners have to figure out how their body responds to vaporized CBD, they should wait five to ten minutes before they take their second puff. Once you understand the effects CBD makes, you may reduce the wait.

Using CBD E-Liquid With Nicotine

If you have been using nicotine and have started vaping CBD to stop nicotine use, you are likely tempted to add some nicotine to the CBD e-liquid. However, do not do that. When you add nicotine to CBD e-liquid, it will cause the degradation of CBD.

If you are only planning to get rid of nicotine addiction by reducing its use and proceeding to zero nicotine use gradually, you may get e-liquid with nicotine.

Vaping is a highly bioavailable CBD intake method that offers quick effects if you are doing it correctly.