Tips To Make CBD-Infused Honey

CBD And Honey
CBD And Honey
CBD And Honey
CBD And Honey

A lot of people find the taste of CBD oil inconvenient, as it has an earthy and bitter taste as a result of different plant compounds present in it like terpenes, flavonoids, etc. Therefore, people try to mask its taste with the help of different other ingredients.

Adding CBD oil to other edibles like cookies, gummies, chocolates, candies, etc. can be beneficial for masking its inconvenient taste. In addition to this, you can add this oil to your juices, smoothies, salads, etc. for making the consumption of this compound easy.

Another best companion for CBD oil is honey. This natural sweetener has the capability to efficiently mask the taste of your CBD oil. Honey can be consumed raw or added to other foods for making them sweet. When CBD is added to this sweetener, you can derive a large number of health benefits. Therefore, the combination of CBD and honey has become greatly popular among people.

You can make CBD honey easily at home. This can be useful to ensure the purity and safety of your product. Also, making CBD honey at home provides you the liberty to adjust the dosage based on your requirements.

How To Make CBD Honey?

Before making CBD honey, it is important for you to get high-quality CBD oil, tincture, or isolate that you can easily add to your honey. When getting your CBD source, it is better to go for products that have water-soluble CBD.

Normally, a CBD molecule is not water-soluble. It has more affinity towards fat than water. So it might be difficult to mix CBD with other solvents.

But the manufacturers have introduced nano CBD particles that can be dissolved into water. By getting this type of CBD source, you will be able to easily dissolve it into your honey.

Another benefit of choosing water-soluble CBD is that it can facilitate better absorption of this compound by providing enhanced results.

Steps To Follow For Making CBD Honey

  • Remove some honey from the bottle to make room for the CBD mixture.
  • Heat the honey and mix the water-soluble CBD tincture or other CBD sources to it. But make sure that the honey is not overheated, as you might lose its potential health benefits.
  • Let the mixture cool
  • Now your CBD honey is ready and you can use it based on your needs.

If you want to eliminate the uncomfortable taste of your CBD oil, then one of the best options is to mix it with honey. CBD and honey create a wonderful combination, as both carry a large number of potential health benefits.