CBD To Treat Cancer In Dogs

Cancer In Dogs
Cancer In Dogs
Cancer In Dogs
Cancer In Dogs

Cancer is not exclusive to humans. It can affect animals, including dogs. About 1 in 3 dogs develop some forms of cancer in their lifetime and it is the major cause of the deaths of dogs that are below 2 years of age.

CBD is a cannabis compound that is being actively studied for use in cancer treatment. The cannabinoid is quite effective in handling the typical symptoms associated with cancer and its treatment.

In this article, we discuss the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of cancer in dogs.

What Are The Common Cancers In Dogs?

Melanoma, canine lymphoma, and mammary cancer are the most common types of cancer in dogs. Melanoma is found on the skin, especially on the area around the dog’s mouth. Lymphoma affects lymph nodes, gastrointestinal tract, spleen, and bone marrow. Mammary cancer develops in the mammary glands. Bone cancer, cell tumors, and Hemangiosarcoma are some other types of cancer found in dogs.

If detected early, canine cancer can be cured.

How To Find Out If Your Dog Has Cancer?

Several signs could indicate that your dog has cancer. If you have any doubts, consult a veterinarian and get a diagnosis. Doing diagnostic tests during the periodic health check-up of your dog is highly recommended.

Lumps, difficulty eating, swelling, and unexpected weight changes are some of the signs that suggest that your dog might have cancer. These signs cannot be used to make any conclusions because they are also found in dogs with anxiety and dogs that are getting older.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Dog Cancer

If you took your dog to a general veterinarian and they suspect that your dog has cancer, the veterinarian will advise you to visit a veterinary oncologist. On visiting a veterinary oncologist, you will learn about the type of cancer that your dog has, the stage it is currently at, and other factors that will affect its condition. Analyzing all of these factors, the oncologist will suggest certain treatment methods.

Before you start treatment, you have to consider how it is going to affect the quality of life of your dog. Treatments like chemotherapy are quite effective but they could put your dog through a lot of pain.

Why Use CBD As A Part Of Your Dog’s Cancer Treatment Plan?

A veterinarian oncologist may suggest various treatment methods when your dog is diagnosed with cancer. The treatment methods and schedule is influenced by the type of cancer and its current stage.

The oncologist may suggest chemotherapy, surgery to remove tumors, and auxiliary medications to handle the side effects of cancer treatment. CBD is a natural medication that is quite effective in handling the side effects of cancer treatment and also taking care of the typical symptoms associated with cancer.

Here are the possible ways in which CBD can be of use in cancer treatment:

Decreases Pain And Inflammation 

Dogs may have to suffer pain and inflammation because of the progression of the disease or the treatment they are taking. Prescription pain medications are effective in reducing pain but many are associated with serious side effects. Taking opioids is risky as it may lead to continually increasing tolerance that may end in overdose. NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) taken to keep inflammation in check may cause side effects including GI problems, liver and kidney failure in some canines.

CBD is much different from prescription medication as it is a safe drug that does not cause serious side effects.

Helps Handle Nausea And Regulates Appetite

Dogs that are undergoing cancer treatment often face issues in maintaining a good appetite. They are also bothered by nausea that could lead to anorexia. Moreover, several forms of cancer cause a metabolic disorder, cancer-induced cachexia that leads to severe appetite loss. More than 20 percent of deaths of dogs with cancer happen due to cachexia.

Cannabinoids like CBD are quite effective in handling nausea and issues in appetite.

Boosts The Immune System 

The time taken for recovering from any disease is strongly linked to immune system function. The immune system has a close association with the endocannabinoid system and this association perfectly explains why CBD has a positive effect on immune function.

Improves Sleep

Quality sleep is essential in improving the quality of life of humans and animals. CBD and THC are two active cannabinoids that are known to promote good sleep but in different ways.

CBD acts as a “wake agent” while THC acts as a “sleep agent”. CBD keeps the dogs active during the day so that they get quality sleep at night.

If you are planning to give CBD to your dog diagnosed with cancer, discuss with a veterinarian about your plan and give only high-quality pet CBD products to your canine.