Things To Know About CBD Creams

CBD Creams
CBD Creams
CBD Creams
CBD Creams

The versatility and popularity of CBD have encouraged CBD manufacturers to launch cannabidiol products in various forms. Some users go for ingestible forms of CBD while some prefer topical forms. The category of CBD topicals is quite large, with CBD creams, lotions and salves being some items that are in high demand.

In this article, we are discussing about CBD creams, their uses and factors that influence their quality.

What Are CBD Creams?

CBD cream is a topical form of CBD that is applied to the skin. The water content of CBD cream is in between that of CBD lotion and CBD salve. CBD lotion has greater water content than CBD creams while CBD salve has lesser water content than CBD creams. Despite the differences in composition, all CBD topicals serve similar purposes.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Creams?

CBD is reported to be effective in handling various medical conditions including anxiety, depression, epilepsy etc. Because CBD cream is meant for exclusive external use, it cannot be used to handle the symptoms of mental disorders and some serious physical disorders. However, it still proves effective in handling various medical conditions including:

  • Pain relief: The analgesic properties prove influential in handling joint pain and muscle cramps.
  • Inflammation relief: Inflammation in different areas of the skin may lead to swelling and pain. Inflammation is also reported as one of the causes of acne. CBD is an anti-inflammatory. Applying it to the skin helps handle the conditions that are caused by inflammation.
  • Improved skin hydration: CBD cream is a suitable item that can be added to your daily skin care routine. CBD has skin hydrating properties, which makes it a suitable alternative for moisturizing creams and lotions.

Why Does CBD Cream Work?

To find out the reason for the effectiveness of CBD creams, we will have to explore the working of CBD in our body.  All the therapeutic effects of CBD are based on its interaction with the receptors of our endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS influences many body functions including sleep, mood, appetite, pain perception, and more.

The receptors of the ECS are spread throughout different body parts, which include the skin. On applying CBD cream to the skin, the cannabidiol in the cream interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors and produces expected relief. Unlike in the case of ingestible CBD, cannabidiol in CBD topicals does not reach the user’s bloodstream.

The quality and purity of the CBD cream have a lot to do with your CBD experience. Do some research and select a high quality CBD cream for the best results.