Are There Any FDA Approved CBD Products?

FDA Approved CBD Products
FDA Approved CBD Products
FDA Approved CBD Products
FDA Approved CBD Products

FDA plays an important role in regulating the sales and use of harmful medicines, health supplements, etc. It aims to ensure human safety by prohibiting the marketing of illegal products that can adversely affect humans. Hence, the products and medicines that are approved by the FDA are considered to be safe.

However, when it comes to CBD, the FDA regulations are seldom. Now, there are a lot of different CBD products available in the market, but you have to be aware of the fact that all these products are not approved by the FDA. Hence, if anyone markets a CBD product claiming that it is FDA-approved, then they are making a false claim.

FDA Approved CBD Products

When it is said that there are no CBD products approved by the FDA, there is one exception. In fact, there is a CBD-derived product approved by the FDA for medicinal use. The product is known as Epidiolex, which is used for the treatment of some rare conditions associated with epilepsy.

Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome are two rare forms of seizures associated with epilepsy. There are no effective medications for the treatment of these diseases. However, it is found that Epidiolex, which is derived from CBD, is found to be effective for controlling these disorders. But you have to note that Epidiolex is a carefully designed medicine and no other CBD products are found to provide the same effect as this medicine. Therefore, you have to consult your doctor before taking this product for treating epilepsy.

Why the FDA has not Approved Much CBD Products?

The main problem associated with approving CBD products is the lack of authentic evidence to prove the effectiveness of this compound. Also, it is found that CBD may also cause some side effects in people. Some of the potential health risks of CBD include:

Liver Damage

Some studies conducted using CBD suggested that it may cause liver damage, especially when taken with some other medications. CBD may interact with other medicines and result in liver toxicity and can lead to liver damage.

Drug Interactions

CBD can interact with other medicines you take, resulting in adverse effects. CBD may increase or decrease the effectiveness of other medicines. Hence, the possibility of this compound for creating adverse effects is great. Also, other medicines you take might not work when you consume them along with CBD. Therefore, it needs close monitoring to analyze the effect of CBD on your body, when consuming it with other medications.

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