Combining Different CBD Products

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Combining different CBD products for consumption will be a good experience. It allows you to enjoy different consumption methods and to keep up the CBD levels in your body throughout the day. Since CBD is safe and non-addictive, it is also safe to combine multiple CBD products and consume them.

Here are some tips for combining different CBD products.


Micro-dosing is recommended for determining your ideal CBD dose for consumption. You can determine your standard CBD dose by taking a small amount of weak-strength CBD oil each day. You can increase your dosage if nothing happens. Many users have described the effects of CBD oil as “feeling better”. So you will find your standard dose once you begin to feel better.

Once you find your standard dose, you can begin using CBD products in that dose by splitting it throughout the day. But before that, you may want to increase the dose slightly. For example, if 25mg per day is your standard dose for consuming CBD, then increase the dose to 30mg and split it into three 10mg doses, and take it at three different times of the day.

Once you figure out your standard dose, you can start combining and experimenting with different CBD products safely.

Try New Consumption Methods

There are many methods for consuming CBD products. Vaping CBD oil will take effect quickly but edible CBD products take a longer time to take effect. CBD skin patches and lotions are also available for consumption.

Different consumption methods take effect in different ways. So you cannot expect a CBD skin patch to show an instant effect as that of CBD oil.

Different methods have different effects on people. So you can choose a fast-acting or slow-burning consumption method according to your need. Combining different CBD products gives you a good opportunity to experiment and find a method of consumption that suits you.

Staying Safe

Combining different CBD products is totally safe. But it is also important to know how much is safe to consume. You should seek the advice of a medical professional before using CBD products if you have a medical condition or if you are pregnant. You can stay fully safe when using different CBD products if you follow the above tips and pay attention to your body. So you should start with small doses of CBD and gradually increase the dosage if necessary.