Can Science Increase CBD Bioavailability?

CBD Uses
CBD Uses
CBD Uses
CBD Uses

CBD has become an everyday item in almost every home. You can see CBD coffee lining the kitchen cabinet, the bathroom littered with CBD shampoos and CBD bath bombs, and your medicinal cabinet filled with CBD oil and tinctures.

The CBD industry has evolved over time. Although the rest of the world got a head start, the CBD industry in the US has made up for, by bringing out top of the line, quality CBD products. As researcher say, the quality of the CBD products is no less important than the way in which you consume it. Taking CBD in a way that is not meant for your ailment will create unsatisfactory results.

Each method, be it inhalation, oral, sublingual or topical have pluses as well as drawbacks. While inhalation methods offer better bioavailability and effectiveness, it can give quite a beating to the lungs especially if you are not a novice smoker. Oral CBD like CBD edible pose no such issues, but one problem it presents is the reduce bioavailability. So if you are in excruciating pain, then it is ill advised to go for this method.

Due to the ever growing popularity, CBD manufacturers have begun to research on new and advanced ways to better existing CBD products. And we may have CBD news that might catch your attention! Read on…

Enhancing The Bioavailability Of CBD By Encasing It In Liposomes

Liposomesare tiny bubble of fats that are called phospholipids. The liposomes are the ‘protection’ that allows for the medicine to pass through the digestive system unabated.

The phospholipids are made of 2 parts: one which is attracts to water and the other that moves away from it. When the phospholipid comes in contact with water, it forms what is called the bilayer. The bilayer is what actually protects the medicine within it.

The unique ability of liposomes means that it can fully carry and protect the medicines from the digestive enzymes and prevent its breakdown. This means that medicine’s bioavailability is enhanced.

CBD companies have now started encapsulating their CBD within these liposome ‘shells’ meaning that you will need much less of the CBD to get more pronounced CBD uses. This would mean that your CBD products will last longer and will be more effective in its applications.

Companies like Elixinol have started implementing this science to their CBD products and many others have followed suit. It is expected that more such new exciting innovation will find its way to the CBD market, so best keep your eyes peeled! Learn more about the science of CBD here.