Types Of CBD Concentrates And How To Use Them?

Types Of CBD Concentrates
Types Of CBD Concentrates
Types Of CBD Concentrates
Types Of CBD Concentrates

You can find a multitude of CBD products in the market that you can choose based on your preferences. CBD concentrates are one of the popular products among them that are known for their high potency. There is a wide variety of CBD concentrates that vary in terms of their consistencies, texture, and the compounds they contain. The following are some of the popular CBD concentrates that you should be aware of:

Types Of CBD Concentrates

The following are some of the popular forms of concentrates that are commonly available in the market:

CBD Isolates

It is the most concentrated and purest form of CBD that a lot of people choose. It is even suitable for people who have to undergo different drug tests, as it is free of THC. It comes in a white crystalline form and is free of taste and smell.


It has a glass-like texture and is more brittle. The color of this product can vary from golden yellow to a bright amber color.


The consistency of this product is similar to the consistency of butter. The color varies between sun yellow and orange.


It has the consistency of cake batter and is softer. As it has a loose consistency, it will be easy for you to spread this concentrate on joints or blunts. The color is almost similar to that of the budder.


It is considered a brittle form of badder or budder. It is more crumbly and has a honeycomb consistency. The color is almost similar to that of budder and badder, but instead of the glossy texture, crumble has a more matted shade of yellow.


It is a common term used for concentrates that have a wet and sappy sugar form. These concentrates are not uniform in their nature and the color varies from bright yellow to dark amber.


It is a thicker and stickier version of concentrates that is more viscous in texture. The color ranges between deep amber and bright mustard.

How To Use CBD Concentrates?

There are different methods used for taking CBD concentrates. You can use them for dabbing. Heat them using your dab rig for producing CBD vapors. You can also use them in your vape pens.

You can choose a method based on the texture of the product and your personal preferences. As they have high concentrations of CBD, they can provide you better results.