The Role Of Flavonoids In Your CBD Oil

Flavonoids In CBD Oil
Flavonoids In CBD Oil
Flavonoids In CBD Oil
Flavonoids In CBD Oil

Marijuana is now widely being used for therapeutic, medicinal, and recreational purposes. With the wide popularity gained by this plant, different compounds present in it are also attaining the attention of people and researchers. Cannabinoids are the most studied compounds in these plants that are well-known for their health benefits. However, there is a large number of other compounds present in the cannabis plant that are not properly understood. One among them is flavonoids, which are a group of phytochemicals that are present in most plants.

What Are Flavonoids?

Flavonoids are commonly found in fruits and vegetables, and these compounds along with carotenoids give the vivid color and sometimes the taste associated with these plant-based foods. Researchers have found around 6000 different flavonoids in various plants, which makes them the largest group of phytonutrients.

In addition to contributing to the taste and the appeal of fruits, vegetables, and various plants, these compounds are also found to have different health benefits.

Flavonoids are also found in the cannabis plant and they add the pigmentation associated with different cannabis strains. You can find flavonoids in CBD oil too, which imparts many additional health-promoting properties to this product.

Benefits Of Flavonoids

Flavonoids present in different plant species are found to have many beneficial properties. Some of them include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits. They might also be beneficial for improving skin health, promoting brain function, and regulating the levels of blood sugar and pressure.

Flavonoids In The Cannabis

Researchers have found almost 20 flavonoids in the cannabis plant. Even though these compounds are found in most other plants, there are certain flavonoids that are unique to the cannabis plant. They are often called cannaflavins. These compounds along with terpenes impart a lot of properties to the cannabis plant from their color to taste. Additionally, these compounds can also add a lot of health benefits to the cannabis plant.

Flavonoids also play an important role in imparting the entourage effects associated with your CBD oil. This effect is created when different phytonutrients present in the cannabis plant are found together. These compounds have the ability to promote each other’s properties, thereby making your CBD oil more effective. Hence, the presence of these compounds in CBD oil can be greatly beneficial for you.

When searching for CBD products, look for products that have flavonoids for getting the additional benefits offered by these wonderful compounds. This can be beneficial for you to get improved health benefits from your CBD oil.